Combining BASE and TADAAM?
That comes with a number of advantages!

Because there’s strength in numbers, BASE and TADAAM have decided to join forces. And you get to benefit right along with us – for life. Combine mobile by BASE Pro with internet & TV by TADAAM and get a €5 benefit on your BASE bill, every single month. That’s the best of two worlds!  And there’s more...

A mobile Pro subscription by BASE?
There’s more in it than you think.

  • Always unlimited calls* and texts as of €20/month.

  • Choose your own mobile data allowance.

  • Beneficial rates, even if you need more.

Internet & TV by TADAAM?
No cables, no limits.

  • Order placed before 10 pm? Then your modem and TV box are delivered the following day.

  • Take internet and TV with you at all times: at home, at work or on holiday. Wherever 4G is available in Belgium

  • It’s easy to install yourself: no technician, no installation costs and no hassle. All you need is two power sockets.

  • You benefit from unlimited internet with unlimited data.

  • Watch 30+ TV channels in HD.

  • Travelling abroad? Then simply use the TADAAM TV app.

  • Pause and reactivate at any given time.

Benieuwd hoe TADAAM werkt? Bekijk het hier.

BASE en TADAAM internet & TV

Meer weten? Kijk mee!

Ontdek hier hoe je TADAAM installeert in 1-2-3!

Tadaam internet & tv

Installeren in 1 2 3

Combine & save €5 per month!

Good to know

How do I get the €5 benefit?

Both a BASE and TADAAM customer? Follow these steps:

1. Check if you already have a recent BASE Pro subscription (of €10, 20, 30, 35, 45 or 60). If not you have to make the switch first.

2. Enter your BASE telephone number in the My TADAAM customer zone.

3. You will receive a confirmation email and your €5 benefit will be included on your next BASE bill.


Still haven’t received your benefit? Let us know via Facebook Messenger.

I don’t have a €10, 20, 30, 35, 45 or 60 BASE Pro subscription yet, I have a different BASE subscription. How can I make the switch?

In the My BASE app

In your BASE customer zone

Via our customer service at 1940

In a BASE Shop in your area

Want to know if you have sufficient network coverage for a TADAAM subscription?

Internet by TADAAM works anywhere in Belgium. You can consult your personal situation on the coverage map of telecom regulator BIPT.

The TADAAM positioning system app gives you an idea of whether your local mobile network permits optimum use of the TADAAM service. The app also tells you where best to install your TADAAM modem.

Download the app now! – Apple

Download the app now! – Android

Can I combine this €5 benefit with other discounts at BASE?

Absolutely! Feel free to combine this benefit with a smartphone deal, web deal...

What about my bill?

Every month you will receive 2 bills: one from BASE (with your €5 benefit!) and one from TADAAM.

I have more than one BASE Pro subscription. Can I link multiple BASE numbers?

No, unfortunately you can only link one BASE mobile number with your TADAAM subscription. 

About BASE

  • BASE Facebook Messenger

    Put your question directly to an employee via Facebook Messenger. You can expect a reply within 24 hours.



General conditions

* Offer restricted to normal professional use as defined here.

All the tariffs that are exclusive of VAT and are subject to the general conditions and the special terms and conditions of Telenet Group NV/SA. They are reserved for professionals who have a VAT number and those exercising a liberal profession. The special terms and conditions determine in which countries the included minutes, texts and MB data are valid. Calling and texting to special numbers, as well as the use of third parties services, is not included; the costs implied by this use will be billed outside of any package and/or bundle. You pay per second, after the first minute. To know the cost of communications to special numbers (070, 0900, 1207, 1307,...), international calls and roaming, please call 1940 via BASE (free in Belgium) or +32 (0)486 19 1940 from any other network (charges will occur).

Subscription promotion conditions
Double data and a 20% monthly discount throughout the entire duration of your contract on a BASE subscription: BASE Pro 20, BASE Pro 29, and BASE Pro 35. 20% discount on a BASE subscription to BASE Pro 11 throughout the entire duration of your contract. Offer valid from 07/11/2023 to 29/01/2024.

Offer reserved for new BASE Pro customers
The promotion is automatically applied to new customers during the confirmation of your order.

Offer reserved for professionals (self-employed and small enterprises) who do not yet have a BASE subscription; from 07/11/2023 up to and including 29/01/2024. If a BASE Pro mobile contract is activated the customer will receive, after activation and during the whole duration of the contract:

- Double data and 20% discount on the cost of the monthly mobile contract on the following BASE Pro plans: Pro 20, Pro 29 and Pro 35. The actual monthly costs will thus respectively be €16/month, €23/month or €28/month.
- 20% discount on the cost of the monthly mobile contract on the Pro 11 plan. The actual monthly cost will thus be €8/month.

If the base price of the subscription is increased, the promotional price will also increase by the same amount.

This offer applies exclusively to new BASE Pro customers (who in the 3 months prior to signing up for the offer were not already a BASE customer with a contract). Customers using a BASE prepaid card who want to switch to a BASE mobile contract must not have had a BASE contract for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to signing up.

This promotion cannot be combined with other promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM discount.

Offer reserved for existing BASE Pro customers
Existing BASE Pro customers are also entitled to this promotion, only if they have been a BASE Pro customer for more than 3 months and they can introduce a new BASE Pro customer to one of the following BASE Pro subscriptions: Pro 11, Pro 20, Pro 29 or Pro 35. The promotion is valid on current rate plans. If the existing customer is on a different rate plan, we will transfer him to one of these rate plans. If the conditions are met, the existing BASE customer will receive a discount of 20% and double data on the monthly subscription cost for the entire duration of the contract in the case of a subscription of €20/month, €29/month or €35/month and 20% discount in the case of subscription of €11/month. The discount and any switch will be automatically granted or will happen as soon as the SIM card of the new customer is activated. This must be done no later than 30 days after purchase. If the new customer cancels their subscription, the existing customer will not be automatically migrated back to the original plan. When the basic price of the subscription is increased, the promotional price also increases by the same amount.

The existing customer loses his monthly discount if he cancels his subscription, migrates to a lower rate plan, or if the customer he referred cancels his subscription. Action for existing customers cannot be combined with other offers and promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM discount.

Temporary promotion on the BASE Pro Europe & BASE Pro World plans
On the condition that the customer subscribes for the BASE Pro Europe or BASE Pro World monthly plan at, in the time period from 07/11/2023 through 29/01/2024 and activates the monthly subscription within the same time period, the customer benefits from a 50% discount on the monthly subscription fee for the first 3 months after activation. Offer reserved for professionals (self-employed and small enterprises) who do not yet have a BASE subscription; customers with a BASE top-up card who want to switch to a BASE subscription must not have had a BASE subscription for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to subscription. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM discount.